Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy

We are a sports and massage therapy center located in beautiful San Clemente, California.  Our practitioners are uniquely skilled in performing a proprietary technique called Mizokami-Advanced Circulatory Sports Lymphatic (MACSL).  Our therapy increases lymph flow, improves circulation and promotes the body's own elimination of toxins (debris).  Our unique "recipe" integrates cross fiber and sports massage techniques, and is specially tailored to an individual's needs. We also specialize in treatment, remission, and prevention of breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Additional advantages of our treatment include:

  • Increased joint range of motion
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improvement in strength of immune system
  • Decreased muscle recovery time following exercise
  • Decreased inflammation and muscle soreness following exercise
  • Specialized treatment for pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation

Experience the MACSL advantage, the premier massage therapy center.