Debbie F.

I feel very lucky to have such a uniquely skilled professional on my medical treatment team.  As a cervical cancer survivor, I remember what it was like living with the many side effects resulting from my body's response to cancer, surgery, and radiation before I met Sylvia.  I was in constant pain from swelling over parts of my body.  I had limited movement in various joints as well as extreme muscle tightness.  Sylvia has an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise in how to deal with problems of the lymphatic system and circulatory system of immune suppressed individuals.  She truly understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body which she applies in her day to day ability to counter her patient's problems.  Thanks to Sylvia, I feel healthier with each visit.  Even though I drive 90 minutes each way just to see her, I look forward to my massage therapy appointments.  It's time and money well spent!  

- Debbie Fournier