Megan M.

I had been diagnosed with lupus and was in constant, excruciating, arthritic pain with debilitating migraines, I couldn't walk without the use of a walker or go up stairs unassisted. Because of my lupus, I couldn't tolerate even 5 minutes of sunlight.  I was on 28 pills a day, each adding a new side effect daily. I was miserable. Within my first treatment with Sylvia my pain was drastically better. Over the course of the next year she worked on me regularly and worked with me to get off of ALL my medicines. I have been seeing Sylvia and feel like a new person! I am now able to exercise, chase after my 2 young boys, be in the sun, and am able to manage my pain through massage instead of medicine. Sylvia changed my life. When I met her I had a very sad future ahead of me. I am now thriving and living my life without worry about my pain!  

- Megan Mansdoerfer