Bob and Margeret A.

 I am 78, my wife 76 and we feel healthier now than we did eleven years ago.

I was recuperating from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder in the late spring of 2003.  I got up in the middle of the night, lost my balance, and fell backward onto a decorator flower pot and injured my back.  The pain grew progressively worse over the next few days until one morning I was starting to stand up from the hospital type bed that we had rented and was stricken with the most severe pain that I had ever encountered.  I could not continue to stand up nor could I sit back down, I could not move.  My wife brought me an old pair of crutches to support myself until she could get help.

My wife called the physical therapy facility that had tried to treat my back injury a few days prior and they were unable to send someone; however, they could recommend an independent therapist that might be able to respond.  My wife called Sylvia Mizokami and she came immediately from her home ten miles away.

Sylvia went to the problem without delay and within minutes I was able to lie down and as Sylvia worked the pain subsided.  She came each morning at 6:30 over the next several days to help me get up and move on my own.  This allowed me to be driven to various doctors for diagnosis and suggested treatment.

I was admitted to Mission Hospital in July for major spinal surgery to replace shattered T-10 vertebrae.  Four titanium rods and a carbon composite vertebra along with 24 screws completed the two day operation.  The hospital provided visiting occupational therapists to teach me the basics of convalescence but nothing in the way of physical therapy.

Sylvia came back into our lives and guided me into a program of gentle exercise along with therapeutic massage to help rebuild muscle tissue lost from almost two months of bed rest.     She moved toward more demanding exercises and stringent deep tissue massage as I progressed.  She demonstrated the ability to “home in” on potential problem areas and resolve them before they became serious.

The surgery left my spinal column almost rigid from head to tail.  Frequent deep-tissue massage is essential to maintain good circulation and provide me with what little flexibility that I now have.  My wife and I have retained Sylvia to give us wellness training and massage therapy.  Her knowledge of the circulatory system along with her ability to diagnose ailments and perform proper treatment made her an important part of our lives.

Now, almost eleven years have passed and, both my wife and I credit Sylvia with our continuing good health and sense of well-being.     

As example:  In early 2000 my wife had knee surgery and her doctor advised her that she would be a candidate for knee replacement within the next few years.  She wore a knee brace at that time when going for walks and was in almost constant discomfort.  Now, she is without knee pain and can walk for a mile on the beach with ease.  The doctor that performed my shoulder surgery in 2003 had said that my left shoulder would be next for an operation.  Surgery is no longer required for either of us.  

- Bob and Margeret Anthis