Karen A.

I would like to personally recommend the Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy Center.  What a wonderful place, full of well trained body workers that can help you be  and feel the best.  We all know that when we feel well, our outlook on life is better and we are able to accomplish more.

I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years.  Limited range of motion, stiff and inflamed joints are hallmark symptoms of RA.  When I first started with Sylvia, my body worker at the Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy Center, I had very limited range of motion in my left shoulder.  I suffered from chronic shoulder pain which had a major impact on my ability to sleep.  Doctors had recommended surgery.  On my obliques, around my hips, my skin was so deprived of oxygen because of stored toxic fluid, the skin was very red and rashy.  It was like a 2 inch belt around my waist.

After several months of Sylvia's treatment, my shoulder really started to loosen up.  I now have full range of motion and only a minimal amount of pain.  All without surgery!  The band of red, inflamed skin around my waist is completely cleared up.  I continue to have flair ups of my RA, but Sylvia is proactive with her treatments and helps me keep the swelling and inflammation to a minimum.  I simply could not imagine what my life would be like without her!  

- Karen Armour