Laura M.

I became a client of Sylvia Mizokami in October 2013 when Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy opened their practice in our office complex in San Clemente.  I had developed lumps under my arms, swelling across my back, upper arms and ankles.  Sylvia began circulatory massage therapy and determined my issues were due to an underactive lymphatic system.  Since receiving treatment for the past five months I have realized a significant decrease in size across my back, arms, ankles and the lumps under my arms are nearly gone.  Sylvia's expertise, technic and personalized treatment have noticeably improved my health and am convinced prevented possible health complications I may have developed if gone untreated.  I highly recommend Sylvia and her team with their many years of experience and extensive knowledge of individualized massage treatment and therapy.  

- Laura Musurlian