Marisa E.

I met Sylvia Mizokami when I was searching for treatment for my frozen shoulder.  I wanted to avoid injections, medication and surgery if possible.  I did not know what caused my shoulder pain, but over time, washing my hands and hair, folding laundry, and other basic tasks were becoming increasingly painful.  Upon hearing about my pain, my sister introduced me to her friend Sylvia.  After Sylvia learned about my family history of breast cancer and other autoimmune diseases, she was anxious to get me started on lymphatic message along with other exercises to work on at home.  I knew she had a gift with her touch, along with tons of knowledge about the lymphatic system.   She was extremely busy, so I had to convince her into taking me on as a client. 

She began by analyzing my posture.  She gave me techniques, tasks, and exercises to help me become stronger. She also made me aware of the importance of posture for my entire lymphatic system to drain and function properly and how it was affecting my shoulder mobility.  In conjunction with her instruction I had a lymphatic massage geared specifically to improving my shoulder mobility every 2 to 3 weeks.  After each session she would address and analyze my drainage and progress.  I saw results within a few sessions.  I was sold and interested in every bit of information she had to share with me.  I have a much better understanding and awareness of how my body operates and functions.  Now with my monthly maintenance appointments, Sylvia can focus on other parts of my body’s circulation and lymphatic system. I always look forward to my appointments with her and would whole heartily recommend her.  

- Marisa Eads