Jen B.

After seeing many doctors, therapists and chiropractors for neck issues and tendinitis in my elbow, I began treatment with Sylvia.  After a few visits, my neck issues subsided and the inflammation in elbow got better as well.  She has helped me with a number of muscular issues from tendonitis to increasing range of motion in my shoulder to other internal health issues.  Sylvia’s knowledge of the body and lymph system incorporated with her patented Mizokami sports massage technique has allowed me to continue to compete and stay healthy.  I have referred her to many friends who she has helped with a range of health issues from low thyroid function, Renaud’s, acid reflux and cancer to sprained ankles and neck and back pain.  Not only is Sylvia gifted at her practice, she also continues her education on the lymph system as well as other health issues.  She has helped elite professional athletes and stage 4 cancer patients and of she’s really helped little ol’ me!  I highly recommend Sylvia for prevention of injury and illness and overall health.  

- Jen Beard