Marisa E.

Being a physically active 54-year-old woman, a big priority for me is to continue my lifestyle.  I’ve always struggled with poor posture and tight muscles throughout my body.  Therefore, when Oliver introduced me to structural integration I was all ears.  I decided to commit to 10 sessions within the time frame suggested by Oliver.  Oliver proved to be extremely knowledgeable and clearly has strong belief in the benefits of structural integration.  Each session focused on a different part of my body.  The tension in my body slowly released, as my body would allow.  I began to notice subtle changes.  For example, my knees and hips felt more fluid; I was able to squat lower than I ever have and my shoulders were more fluid while I was swimming.  Overall, the stiffness in other areas has improved also.

I plan to continue with “tune-ups” every 6 months or whenever necessary.  I trust Oliver due to his level of experience and expertise.  And, his advise was never a sales pitch but rather his belief in the therapy and the benefits it could provide for me.   Oliver has the work ethic that’s for sure!

-Marisa Eads