Kristina E.

When I first met Oliver, I had been dealing with sciatic pain for 2 years.  It had become so painful that I was unable to exercise or participate in other daily activities.  I went to physical therapy, deep tissue massage, and acupuncture with little relief for the pain. 

With Oliver’s focus, commitment, and knowledge of the way the whole body works together, my pain began to improve.  With each session, he made sure that he was as thorough as possible to get the best results, even if it took longer than expected.  He used a combination of Neuromuscular and MACSL therapy. 

Oliver’s sincere concern was apparent.   He consistently followed up with me and tracked my progress and now I am able to participate in all of the activities I enjoy without sciatic pain.  When I have flare-ups I know I will be calling Oliver. Thank you Oliver.

-Kristina Eads