Sue W.

Oliver O’Mara has been my massage therapist for several months.  I would consider myself a bit of a spa rat and treat myself to a good massage every 6 to 8 weeks when I have time.    However, those massages are a different experience as they are in a full service spa; so I am looking for a relaxing experience, typically with some friends.  However, those massages and that experience cannot be compared to the treatment I receive from Oliver. 

He has absolutely magic hands and truly can determine areas of my body that are sore or need attention.  Sometimes, I don’t even know the need attention until he says “is this tender?”.   I make sure I drink plenty of water the day of and after his massage and there is a definite change in how good I feel.   Again, the spa is relaxing and good for the mind and soul.  An appointment with Oliver is good for the soul with long lasting and truly medicinal qualities.  

I recently have had issues with my back and left arm due to poor placement of my keyboard and monitors at work.   His was so good about seeing me quickly to help with my issues.    When I went to see him, I could not raise my arm more than half way.    He concentrated on the areas that needed attention and by the time I left, I had almost full range of motion again. 

I cannot say enough about Oliver and calming demeanor and remarkable understanding of the human body and how it is all attached.   I would highly recommend him as a massage therapist and will continue to see him for as long as he will put up with my aches and pains.  

-Sue Wilson