Debbie W.

I have been living with moderate to severe Fibromyalgia, as well as other chronic pain conditions, for over fifteen years. I have been on the "hamster wheel" of doctors who tend to dismiss me when they find out that I am not going to be a routine case that they can throw a pill or physical therapy at because I am a more complicated case and was told by one honest doctor that I am an "enigma". Another doctor told me that "Fibro would not kill me, but that there would be days when I would wish that it did." I have lived with severe chronic pain, sleep problems, headaches, restless leg syndrome, muscle aches, low-grade fevers, hives, and many other symptoms. I have tried acupuncture, physical therapy, medications, and massage. Some things helped a little bit, some things not at all, but nothing permanently. Needless to say, I am fairly disgusted by most of the medical community and I was beginning to give up hope on ever feeling or getting better. A friend was going to see Sylvia for awhile with a lot of improvement from his illness and he kept trying to get me to make an appointment. Being as discouraged as I was in the medical community, it took me quite some time to make my first appointment. I finally decided to give Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy a try since I figured that I had nothing to lose. I began my first few sessions with Sylvia who was very kind, compassionate and who gave me some suggestions that no doctor had ever even mentioned! Because of scheduling, I had to switch therapists and began seeing Brenda Brashears about eight months ago. Although I still live with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia, Brenda HAS definitely given me hope for some recovery or remission. She is the first person who has done this for me in a long time. She is a very strong, yet sensitive spirit who is sensitive to my body's pain and reactions to it. Brenda seems to know when my body is releasing more toxins than usual and gently asks me if it is okay to put ice on my back. The work that she has done on me has definitely brought down some of the swelling that I have had in my armpits as the toxins are being released from my body. It took longer than usual for my body to respond to the therapy but I believe that my body is finally "learning" how to rid itself of toxins in a way that it has not done in a very long time. I seem to be sleeping better and more soundly and my "recovery" time after therapy is becoming shorter and shorter. My moods have been better and I just generally feel more balanced after Brenda works on me. Brenda is a very compassionate therapist who is a natural healer and it shows in her very caring and empathetic demeanor. Brenda is very understanding and actually listens to what I have to say when it comes to my illness. I appreciate her calm nature and her gentle strength. Brenda can be flexible with scheduling which is very helpful for someone who does not always know how their body is going to be feeling from one day to the next. She does not push me to come in more than I feel comfortable with because she really does care.

If you are considering trying Circulatory Sports Therapy, please be kind to yourself and make an appointment with Brenda or one of the other wonderful therapists at Mizokami. Being a very tough case, I can tell you that you have very little to lose and so very much to gain. Brenda is an awesome human being who uses her healing spirit to make other people feel better, and I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. I am so grateful to Brenda and to Sylvia for creating such a lovely environment of healing energy.

-Debbie Whaley