Heidi M.

My sister referred me to Sylvia after the birth of my son.  I was dealing with some mental and physical issues related to my pregnancy and Sylvia came highly recommended by numerous people so I decided to see her.  My first experience meeting her was life altering.  She not only messaged me to drain stored toxins, but also spent time during, before, and after, explaining why I was experiencing the symptoms I had since giving birth.  Sylvia is extremely knowledgeable in her field, passionate, and has the most positive outlook on health!  I see Sylvia regularly for maintenance and to keep my body functioning properly.  Thank you Sylvia and team for helping me personally and many others.  Your services are greatly appreciated!

- Heidi Marshall 

Amy M.

Meeting Sylvia was honestly an answer to prayer.  After suffering an undiagnosed neurological condition during my pregnancy, I knew I had to get serious about my health.  Although I was slowly recovering after the baby was born, I was aware that I needed to help my body heal itself.  Sylvia began lymph massages on me and I instantly began feeling stronger, more energized, and healthier.  She was a wealth of knowledge and taught me so much about the lymph system, breathing techniques, and stretching.  She genuinely cared about my future and would check up on me regularly.  Sylvia is someone I know I can count on forever.  I now recommend her to all of my friends and family.  

- Amy McPhillips


Natalie T.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a pretty extensive surgery which included a thyroidectomy and full neck dissection removing all the cancerous tumors in my neck. The surgery left me with almost no range of motion in my neck and completely unable to straighten my head.  By the grace of God I was able to start seeing Sylvia and just after 2 sessions it made more of a difference with my range of motion in my head and neck than several sessions of physical therapy. I couldn't believe how much it changed my body in such a short amount of time.

I have been seeing Sylvia and I have full range of motion in my head and neck and my pain levels, nerve damage and overall discomfort has improved beyond measure. I always feel an immediate difference after seeing Sylvia.  My life has completely changed by having her work on me and also by following through with the suggestions she has made for me to do for my body to step deeper into a healthy lifestyle and enable my body to further heal.

I often think of where I would be if Sylvia hadn't started working on me, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would be living with constant pain and discomfort, most likely not having full range of motion even for years to come.  She has lifted my spirits through this time, giving me hope of what can be accomplished with circulatory sports lymphatic and how it heals the body.  Through this treatment she kept me in remission being cancer free.  I am forever grateful for Sylvia and how she has changed my life personally and physically.  

- Natalie Taylor


Caitlin K.

My family and I are truly blessed to have found Sylvia at the time we did.  With a familial history of autoimmune diseases, and my sister’s sudden diagnosis with a rare form of bone cancer,  Sylvia’s lymphatic therapy was a God-send!  Since her diagnosis, my sister has made a full recovery and I attribute a big part of her cancer remission to the treatment she received at Mizokami Advanced Circular Sports Therapy.  I myself have been lucky enough to receive treatment and the results have been astounding.  Sylvia’s combination of expertise and technique have improved my current health condition and I’m quite sure has helped to prevent future potential health issues.  I cannot say enough great things about Sylvia and her team!  

- Caitlin Kaupp

Jen B.

After seeing many doctors, therapists and chiropractors for neck issues and tendinitis in my elbow, I began treatment with Sylvia.  After a few visits, my neck issues subsided and the inflammation in elbow got better as well.  She has helped me with a number of muscular issues from tendonitis to increasing range of motion in my shoulder to other internal health issues.  Sylvia’s knowledge of the body and lymph system incorporated with her patented Mizokami sports massage technique has allowed me to continue to compete and stay healthy.  I have referred her to many friends who she has helped with a range of health issues from low thyroid function, Renaud’s, acid reflux and cancer to sprained ankles and neck and back pain.  Not only is Sylvia gifted at her practice, she also continues her education on the lymph system as well as other health issues.  She has helped elite professional athletes and stage 4 cancer patients and of she’s really helped little ol’ me!  I highly recommend Sylvia for prevention of injury and illness and overall health.  

- Jen Beard

Adriana S.

My experience with Sylvia and the team at Mizokami Advanced Circulatory has been a wonderful.  I started going to Sylvia because I was starting to develop swelling on my upper back.  Sylvia educated me on the lymphatic system and I learned that my swelling was due to having a suppressed lymphatic system.  I live in Ventura, California and it’s worth making the trip.  I have become a big believer in Sylvia’s healing.  After she works on me, she shows me the drained toxins.  My son is now going with me.  We both feel so much better after therapy.  I highly recommend Mizokami Advanced Circulatory!  

- Adriana Sullivan

Marisa E.

I met Sylvia Mizokami when I was searching for treatment for my frozen shoulder.  I wanted to avoid injections, medication and surgery if possible.  I did not know what caused my shoulder pain, but over time, washing my hands and hair, folding laundry, and other basic tasks were becoming increasingly painful.  Upon hearing about my pain, my sister introduced me to her friend Sylvia.  After Sylvia learned about my family history of breast cancer and other autoimmune diseases, she was anxious to get me started on lymphatic message along with other exercises to work on at home.  I knew she had a gift with her touch, along with tons of knowledge about the lymphatic system.   She was extremely busy, so I had to convince her into taking me on as a client. 

She began by analyzing my posture.  She gave me techniques, tasks, and exercises to help me become stronger. She also made me aware of the importance of posture for my entire lymphatic system to drain and function properly and how it was affecting my shoulder mobility.  In conjunction with her instruction I had a lymphatic massage geared specifically to improving my shoulder mobility every 2 to 3 weeks.  After each session she would address and analyze my drainage and progress.  I saw results within a few sessions.  I was sold and interested in every bit of information she had to share with me.  I have a much better understanding and awareness of how my body operates and functions.  Now with my monthly maintenance appointments, Sylvia can focus on other parts of my body’s circulation and lymphatic system. I always look forward to my appointments with her and would whole heartily recommend her.  

- Marisa Eads

Karen A.

I would like to personally recommend the Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy Center.  What a wonderful place, full of well trained body workers that can help you be  and feel the best.  We all know that when we feel well, our outlook on life is better and we are able to accomplish more.

I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years.  Limited range of motion, stiff and inflamed joints are hallmark symptoms of RA.  When I first started with Sylvia, my body worker at the Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy Center, I had very limited range of motion in my left shoulder.  I suffered from chronic shoulder pain which had a major impact on my ability to sleep.  Doctors had recommended surgery.  On my obliques, around my hips, my skin was so deprived of oxygen because of stored toxic fluid, the skin was very red and rashy.  It was like a 2 inch belt around my waist.

After several months of Sylvia's treatment, my shoulder really started to loosen up.  I now have full range of motion and only a minimal amount of pain.  All without surgery!  The band of red, inflamed skin around my waist is completely cleared up.  I continue to have flair ups of my RA, but Sylvia is proactive with her treatments and helps me keep the swelling and inflammation to a minimum.  I simply could not imagine what my life would be like without her!  

- Karen Armour

Laura M.

I became a client of Sylvia Mizokami in October 2013 when Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy opened their practice in our office complex in San Clemente.  I had developed lumps under my arms, swelling across my back, upper arms and ankles.  Sylvia began circulatory massage therapy and determined my issues were due to an underactive lymphatic system.  Since receiving treatment for the past five months I have realized a significant decrease in size across my back, arms, ankles and the lumps under my arms are nearly gone.  Sylvia's expertise, technic and personalized treatment have noticeably improved my health and am convinced prevented possible health complications I may have developed if gone untreated.  I highly recommend Sylvia and her team with their many years of experience and extensive knowledge of individualized massage treatment and therapy.  

- Laura Musurlian

Bob and Margeret A.

 I am 78, my wife 76 and we feel healthier now than we did eleven years ago.

I was recuperating from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder in the late spring of 2003.  I got up in the middle of the night, lost my balance, and fell backward onto a decorator flower pot and injured my back.  The pain grew progressively worse over the next few days until one morning I was starting to stand up from the hospital type bed that we had rented and was stricken with the most severe pain that I had ever encountered.  I could not continue to stand up nor could I sit back down, I could not move.  My wife brought me an old pair of crutches to support myself until she could get help.

My wife called the physical therapy facility that had tried to treat my back injury a few days prior and they were unable to send someone; however, they could recommend an independent therapist that might be able to respond.  My wife called Sylvia Mizokami and she came immediately from her home ten miles away.

Sylvia went to the problem without delay and within minutes I was able to lie down and as Sylvia worked the pain subsided.  She came each morning at 6:30 over the next several days to help me get up and move on my own.  This allowed me to be driven to various doctors for diagnosis and suggested treatment.

I was admitted to Mission Hospital in July for major spinal surgery to replace shattered T-10 vertebrae.  Four titanium rods and a carbon composite vertebra along with 24 screws completed the two day operation.  The hospital provided visiting occupational therapists to teach me the basics of convalescence but nothing in the way of physical therapy.

Sylvia came back into our lives and guided me into a program of gentle exercise along with therapeutic massage to help rebuild muscle tissue lost from almost two months of bed rest.     She moved toward more demanding exercises and stringent deep tissue massage as I progressed.  She demonstrated the ability to “home in” on potential problem areas and resolve them before they became serious.

The surgery left my spinal column almost rigid from head to tail.  Frequent deep-tissue massage is essential to maintain good circulation and provide me with what little flexibility that I now have.  My wife and I have retained Sylvia to give us wellness training and massage therapy.  Her knowledge of the circulatory system along with her ability to diagnose ailments and perform proper treatment made her an important part of our lives.

Now, almost eleven years have passed and, both my wife and I credit Sylvia with our continuing good health and sense of well-being.     

As example:  In early 2000 my wife had knee surgery and her doctor advised her that she would be a candidate for knee replacement within the next few years.  She wore a knee brace at that time when going for walks and was in almost constant discomfort.  Now, she is without knee pain and can walk for a mile on the beach with ease.  The doctor that performed my shoulder surgery in 2003 had said that my left shoulder would be next for an operation.  Surgery is no longer required for either of us.  

- Bob and Margeret Anthis